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solamente-frontEVERYONE HAS A STORY TO TELL…..

Finding a niche!’ “Filling the void!” These are the cliché terms that need to be defined when one goes into business. Ron and Janyce Leone did just that when they decided to go into business for themselves. After moving to Las Cruces in October of 2003, it was a necessary to “feel” the pulse of the community and search for a product that would not only cater to tourist but locals as well! "We already knew about "awesome" customer service" Ron said, but most of all, we both agreed that “having fun” would need to be a pre-requisite"……The result......Solamente de Mesilla !

Working together was nothing new for this dynamic couple who together sold real estate in Upstate New York..They longed for an exciting change to compliment their new surroundings and needed to exploit their many talents and at the same time share their passion for music, food, and design. While Janyce runs the day to day business operation, Ron continues to do what he does best...selling Las Cruces. "Real Estate in Las Cruces is hot!

Solamente is truly a one of a kind gourmet food boutique!

Located in the Old Historic Mesilla Plaza, it specializes in unique, award winning, food products. Las Cruces, New Mexico already has a reputation for having the "best" Mexican food around. Not hard when it's the chile and onion capital of the Southwest. "All we had to do was to resource the best and most tasty salsa's, red & green chile sauces, indigenous spices, breads, coffee, spicy chile brittle, gourmet foods, jellies, and cactus jams (to name a few), Janyce said. “Discovering new products from around the Southwest is exciting” Ron said! We also knew that where ever we traveled, we always took home a taste of that regions specialty food products. Our goal was to build a clientele that share our passion for tasty award winning foods and offer a selective variety of food items that just might compliment a family's famous recipe". Most importantly, we sample many food items daily assuring complete satisfaction!

“We soon found that our “customers” became our friends”, Janyce said! We knew that if we could create a comfortable buying atmosphere, offer quality products, we could create a "customer for life". Consequently, we ship all over the country when it's impossible to find our product in other stores around the country. Many come into the store and say that their niece or nephew moved away to college so we're shipping their favorite salsa to their dorms. Our loyal customers enjoy buying our products as gifts for family members and friends. Everyone loves good food and likes to share with others.

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2410 Calle de Principal #C

Don Felix Plaza, Old Mesilla Plaza

Mesilla, NM 88046

(575) 647-4767